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Mistress Of The House


Events Location Date
Lily HEAD Ep release party Belgium 25/01/19
Propulse festival with Sparkling Bits Belgium 06/02/19
HumanTraffic Festival Kosovo 09/02/19
LaBelleHipHop festival Washington DC USA 08/03/19
Daddy Cookiz first part Belgium 16/03/19
Balkantraffic Bosnia 21/03/19
RedBull BIH Festival RapLika – Sebrenica Bosnia 22/03/19
Lezartsurbains HumanTraffic Festival Belgium 30/03/19
Respect Yo sista festival Belgium 06/04/19
Lezartsurbains Balkantrafic festival Belgium 26/04/19
Thomas Hardy Festival Belgium 27/04/19
IRAP – Lille France 09/05/19
Nameless festival Belgium 11/05/19
Festival Dakar – Festa2H Senegal 23/06/19
Moonfield festival Belgium 19/07/19
21bourgeoises festival (Wavre) Belgium 21/07/19


Nephtys (Caroline Hakim) is an urban artist in Brussels. Born mixed-race from a Syrian father & a Belgian mother, she grew up under their artistic influence. From Classical to Neo-Soul/R&B, a bit of Hip-Hop here, a bit of Jazz here, singer and talented rapper, Nephtys, making us discover her multi-verse, switches musical genres with ease.


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